12 Foods to Boost Your Immune System

Coronavirus; it remains the topic of the day. People stock up on hand soap, use mouth masks and wear gloves. What are you doing to protect yourself from the virus? This article discusses 12 foods to boost your immune system and keep your body as healthy as possible.

12. Chilli Pepper


The health benefits of chilli pepper are often underestimated. Chilli pepper is high in antioxidants and packed with vitamin C. It contains even more vitamin C than a lemon. You naturally wonder why they always say that vitamin C is so healthy. Well, vitamin C stimulates the production of white blood cells, which in turn ensures that your body builds up resistance.

Of course, no one eats a whole chilli pepper just like that, but it is ideal for making soup, for example. Besides, chilli peppers are rich in capsaicin, the substance that is responsible for peppers being so spicy. Capsaicin has several health benefits. It is not for nothing that this substance is also used in throat lozenges and certain medicines for pain and itching.



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