7 Things Your Face Can Tell You About Your Health!

It is being said that eyes are the window to the soul – but what can we say about the face? According to WebMD, our face can display quite a bit about what we are actually going through under the surface.

Now, let us take a look at what your face may reveal about your health:

·        Yellow Skin and Eyes: The yellowing of the skin and eyes is as a result of a buildup of waste product in the body. It is caused by the separation of red blood cell components known as bilirubin. The condition is regarded as jaundice and it is quite common and usually harmless most especially in new babies. In adults, jaundice might shows that a critical underlying condition which could be alcohol abuse, difficulties with the gallbladder and liver, or a viral infection.

·        Cold Sores: Sores can come up on you when there is emotional distress. Sores that develop around your lips and mouth could be cold sores which can be caused by the type 1 herpes virus. (Contrary to the common belief that most people who contract herpes 1 virus are infected from the transmission of saliva and not from sexual contact). Mostly, cold sores can disappear on their own but it is advisable to speak with a doctor in the event of worsening symptoms or more persistent outbreaks.

·        Butterfly Rash: Butterfly rash is a condition whereby there will be a presence of ubiquitous redness that is usually as a form of stretching from the top of the forehead down to the neck. While it is true that these rashes can disappear without any medication, it could also be a sign of lupus. The disease often compromises the immune system and then attacks the person’s organs and body tissue.

·        Cracked Lips: Cracked and dry lips can affect almost everybody most especially during the wintertime. Although, it is not a big deal, but lips that crack or dry regularly could be a sign of a potential health issue, which might include allergic reaction, side effects from medications, or dehydration. In such situations, it is advisable to visit a doctor to get advice from them.

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