Accidental Prostate Discovery from France Impresses Top Men’s Doctor. Here’s Why

How This Former Athlete “Accidentally” Ended His Prostate Problems With A “Trick” Used By Men In France

TV legend Larry King reveals how he also ended 23 years of annoying prostate problems with the same “trick”

Fred Buckley

The highly acidic soil in The Landes Forest, near Bordeaux France, is cited as the reason why this unusual prostate compound is causing an uproar in the prostate industry.

Fred Buckley, a QB at Stanford in the ’80s, is being credited with bringing the remarkable prostate discovery from France to America. Top urologists are now using and recommending his discovery.

Mark Walker for Prostate Report

Published 5:02 P.M. ET Nov. 17, 2019

Los Angeles (CA) – Like many men in their mid 50’s, former athlete Fred Buckley was experiencing prostate problems. He tried a number of pills from GNC and the major drugstores, but none of them helped. Frustrated by constant trips to the mens room and no solutions, he would soon stumble upon a prostate remedy used by men in France with great success. Now this French remedy is in America because of an executive order intended to “cut the red tape” signed by President Trump on January 30, 2017. It has transformed the the prostate health industry and helping men all over the country – including Larry King.

Just by taking a simple all-natural pill, men with prostate issues can experience the long-awaited relief from urinary urgency, frequency, incontinence, and most significantly – men are sleeping through the night without having to get up and go. It’s from France, and now men in America are gobbling it up like popcorn.

Many health breakthroughs were discovered by accident. This new prostate pill also has a surprising origin. Its impact is already turning heads. Dr. Dudley Danoff, president of the prestigious Tower Urology group at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles says, “It just amazes me that such a breakthrough was not discovered by a medical doctor. But it’s great news for all men suffering from the harsh realities that come with an aging prostate.”

The development is so significant that Larry King actually did a television show all about this discovery and how it’s helping men like him who have suffered with prostate problems for years.

So How Did This Breakthrough Happen?

It did not come from a doctor. Not from a scientist. Not from an American pharmaceutical giant. No — the person credited for this new development is an ordinary guy, probably most noted for being a former football player.

Meet Fred Buckley, a businessman in Beverly Hills who had just turned 53 and was having terrible prostate issues. He was getting up several times a night to relieve himself and was looking for men’s rooms all day. Even his love life was also suffering, as he told Larry King, “My fastball wasn’t what it used to be, so to speak.”

Watch Larry’s TV Presentation here:

In Larry’s Presentation

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Fred Buckley

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“Freddy The Faucet” Because He was Leaking so Much

“I’m a golfer and when I was playing with my buddies I would intentionally shank a couple a shots a round into the woods so I could secretly urinate without my buddies seeing me because they would tease me. They used to call me “Freddy The Faucet.” It was embarrassing.

I was humiliated at a wedding when a big group picture was being taken, and a four-year-old boy innocently pointed at my pants, which had a big “leak“ stain on them and literally screamed, “Mommy, look, he went bubbles in his pants!” Needless to say, it was embarrassing,” said Buckley. Being known as “Freddy the Faucet” was not pleasant.

Buckley was puzzled. He was a former athlete. He was a Parade All-American quarterback out of Ft. Lauderdale. He backed up John Elway at Stanford before starting the 1984 season. He was with the then-Los Angeles Raiders “for about 11 seconds,” as he joked. Even at age 55, he was still in good health. Never sick, and not overweight. Plus, there was no history of prostate problems in his family and no other health issues. Yet he was getting up four and five times a night to urinate.

Kleenex in His Shorts to Hide Dribbling

He went to a urologist and got no help. He kept getting up at night and was going frequently during the day. The problem was not going away, in fact, it was getting worse. “I used to put a couple of Kleenexes in my shorts so that dribbling wouldn’t show through my pants,” he said.

Luck Found in the South of France, Thanks to Bernard

Corinne Buckley and father Bernard

Here is 88-year-old Bernard with his daughter Corinne Buckley at lunch in CÀNNES, France. It was Bernard’s perfect prostate health that lead to men in America getting the same super prostate as him and millions of men in France.

But here is where the story changed for Buckley, and for all men who struggle with prostate issues. It’s a tale of luck and perfect timing with an 85-year-old French war hero leading the charge.

Buckley’s wife of 31 years, Corinne, is from France. They spend most of their summers in the South of France. In the summer of 2015, he noticed that his then 85-year-old father-in-law, Bernard, never seemed to go to the men’s room very often. Whether they were playing golf, or spending time on a boat or at dinners, or just relaxing at his house, he noticed his father-in-law never seemed to go to the men’s room. Fred was going four times more than Bernard.

Then Fred found out that Bernard slept through the night every night without getting up to go. Not even once. Never. He couldn’t believe it. So Fred asked if Bernard did anything or took anything for his prostate.

Bernard showed Fred some pills that he and all his buddies were taking. He did nothing special for his prostate, and never had a problem – neither did his golf buddies. They too all slept through the night. Fred later found out Bernard’s pals noticed Fred’s frequent bathroom trips and jokingly referred to him as “Le Fontaine” (“The Fountain”).

The pills were taking were all-natural. They contained plant sterols with the key ingredient called Beta-Sitosterol. It’s a plant sterol found mainly in vegetables and pine trees. Bernard had been taking them for years. It was just something he did – just like he took a daily multivitamin.

So Fred started taking the same pills that summer and in just a matter of weeks, he was sleeping through the night. He could play a round of golf and not have to go once. At dinner he could sit through the entire meal. He was back to normal … or so he thought.

Clinical Studies Confirmed Why Bernard’s Pills Worked

He wanted to know why the pills were working so well. He went to the Internet and started reading about Beta-Sitosterol. He saw that it is a natural ingredient that is actually prescribed by doctors in several European countries for men with prostate problems. He read dozens of positive published clinical studies on it, including two large-scale, double-blind, clinical trials, both reported in the leading British Medical Journal, The Lancet.

These two large studies done by medical doctors in different parts of Europe both showed that men taking more than 400 mg of Beta-Sitosterol were seeing, on average, 52% improvement in their prostate score on the IPSS (International Prostate Symptoms Score). They were literally cutting their problems in half with a simple natural pill in a short period of time, and after a year of taking it, their results soared to over a 70% improvement.

Buckley got back to Los Angeles and purchased several over-the-counter prostate pills sold at major drug stores and GNC with the same ingredient as Bernard’s pills. These pills contained the same plant sterol Beta-Sitosterol. He tried several. They did nothing. None of them worked for him. Zippo.

He couldn’t figure it out. Why did Bernard’s French pills work so well, and the American pills not work at all? It was the same ingredient, after all … In the same dosage? But he got no results. He was getting up at night again. He was going during the day. Freddy the Faucet was now leaking again.

Dudley Danoff, MD

Pill Makers’ “Dirty Little Secret” Uncovered

So he did something very unusual. He sent the bottles of pills he was taking to a special forensic laboratory in Wisconsin that specialized in testing for plant sterols, including Beta-Sitosterol. Same lab used by the FDA and FBI.

The lab test results were shocking! The first four products tested showed that none of the products had much Beta-Sitosterol in them at all. Even though the bottle labels listed high amounts of Beta-Sitosterol, the lab test showed that in reality, they contained very little Beta-Sitosterol. It turns out that Beta-Sitosterol is expensive and so many of these companies cheat.

The label claims did not match the lab test results. Not even close in most cases. No wonder the pills didn’t work for him. The companies were lying about how much was really in their product, knowing no one would ever find out. This scheme went on undetected for decades until Fred’s testing. His testing became so famous that Larry King ended up interviewing him on national TV about this research. (More on that in just a bit.)

Fred had Bernard send him some bottles in the mail. Fred started taking Bernard’s pills, and once again, in less than a month he was a new man. It was like a flipping a light switch — his problems were gone in a snap. He was sleeping through the night, and feeling like he was in his 30’s again, back when he didn’t even know what his prostate was! He has never had another prostate issue since, and he says, “All systems are “go” again.”

Inquisitive by nature, he wanted to know why the American pills didn’t have much Beta-Sitosterol. Even the ones that said they had 500 mg on their label oftentimes only had 20 mg or 30 mg. He thought it was disgusting how the companies were tricking men.

So he kept testing more and more prostate supplements to see if any were worth taking. He tested over 25 products with none having more than 400 mg of Beta-Sitosterol, despite what their bottle labels claimed.

He asked Bernard to send him more bottles and this is where the story really changes. Fred’s friend Vinnie, who is in his 70’s, had prostate trouble for years. He would say, “My prostate is like an old pickup truck with 100,000 miles on it. It works, but not too well.” He asked Fred for some of Bernard’s pills. Fred gave him a bottle. And just like Fred – Vinnie also saw his prostate trouble fade with only one bottle. Naturally, he asked Fred for more.

Corinne had her father send over about 20 bottles for Fred and Vinnie. Fred kept testing products at the lab, trying to see if any of them had high levels of Beta-Sitosterol like the French pills. He ended up testing 157 different products looking for an answer.

While he was going through the testing he was not aware that Vinnie had given some of his pills to another friend of his who also had prostate problems. It worked on him too. Vinnie asked for more – he tried to give Fred money to pay for them.

Word was getting around about these pills. Suddenly guys he didn’t even know were asking for them. One night Fred and Corinne were at dinner and a guy Fred didn’t even know came up to him at the valet stand and said he was a friend of Vinnie’s and asked if he could buy some bottles off Fred or get the name of the place to buy them.

Vinnie Was Talking . . . and Creating A “Situation”

There were now dozens of guys asking for these pills. Including one of the stars of the movie – The Godfather – one of Fred’s all-time favorites. Even a supplement manufacturer contacted Fred and asked him to make pills for them. They wanted to pay him a large finder’s fee to get them the source of these pills. He was calling Fred several times a week. He got a FedEx package to his house on a Saturday from another pill company with the same request. It was getting nuts. Vinnie was talking to everyone!

Fred knew he had stumbled onto something. He kept his mouth shut. He found out which manufacturer made the pills Bernard was taking and saw that the Beta-Sitosterol came from a place known as the Landes Forest in France. It’s between the famed Bordeaux wine region and the Atlantic Ocean. A quiet, sleepy place known for its wilderness and no major cities in the area.

He tracked down the manufacturer, booked a ticket, and left that night for their facility. It’s practically in the heart of the 4,000-mile Landes Forest.

Seeing Millions of Number Two Pencils

What he saw there was jaw-dropping. Millions of skinny pine trees known as French Maritime Pine Trees. Not the kind of pine trees you see in North Carolina or Wisconsin, but tall, skinny pine trees. He said, “The forest looked like millions of Number 2 pencils like he used in school as a kid — – they were so long and thin.”

These skinny pine trees produce this highly potent form of sterol called Beta-Sitosterol. When Buckley met with the company executives, he learned several important things – this was the exact source of Beta-Sitosterol used in the famous published clinical studies. It was the exact source prescribed by European doctors to men like Bernard. The exact source used in the famous clinical trials he read in The Lancet.

He learned that the soil in the region is quite unusual and highly “acidic” because it is right next to the Atlantic Ocean. And by French Law, there have never been any chemicals or GMOs used in the Landes Forest. It was created by Napoleon and officially established by French Law in 1857.

It is thought to be one of the finest soils and growing conditions in the world because of its unique location between the harsh elements of the ocean and the beautiful Bordeaux region, also known for its exceptional soil profile.

After 27 Rejections A Deal Was Finally Struck

However, the most important thing he learned was that the company was not selling its star ingredient in the United States. Buckley called to try and make a deal. No luck. They were not interested. He called repeatedly – sent FedEx letters, and still they were not interested one bit. He was stunned. He knew this could be a tremendous help to men in America. Millions of men with prostate problems would benefit greatly. He knew it would be a sensation as it already was with him and Vinnie and the other guys. He had to do something. So he jumped on a plane and flew to France to show up at their door.

Once physically in the town of Landes, France for several days he finally got to meet the real decision maker and finally a deal was struck. Buckley was going to sell his own pills with the exact same ingredient – just like the one Bernard used and just like the one from the famous studies. And not only did he get the rights to import and sell the compound in America, but he got the exclusive rights.

“I don’t want to use the phrase “lazy French”, but the people I was talking on the phone and via email did not see the big picture like the boss did – good thing I flew over there and waited three days to see him, otherwise none of this ever would be happening.” Buckley said.

Buckley returned to the United States and hired scientists, formulators, and manufacturers, and created this natural prostate supplement to the exact specification that the French company recommended. The product was named ProstaGenix.

He Was Unprepared For What Was About To Happen

But this isn’t even the most interesting part! What happened shortly after launching ProstaGenix became even more remarkable.

Naturally, Buckley had hoped to make a big impact on the American prostate market with this new super pill. He hoped to help other men like him live without prostate worries, just like Bernard. The thing that amazed him the most was that in France, the typical male diet is considered horrible for your prostate. It consists mainly of red meat, cheese and other dairy, chicken, eggs, and sugar. Just terrible foods for the prostate. And yet, the incidence of prostate problems in the United States is over 300% higher than that of men in France – – with only 16 out of 100 men in France reporting prostate trouble, while in the United States it is 48 out of 100 men. That is three times more prostate troubles in America despite the French diet and lifestyle considered to be bad for health.

No Website . . . But Big Demand

The first small batch of ProstaGenix went on sale in 2016 in a very small way. No TV ads. No radio ads. No newspaper or magazine ads. Just some small local advertising and word of mouth. Yet, before Buckley had his website set up, he already had some very famous customers.

Just getting bottles to Vinnie and the group of local “insiders” caused the demand to mushroom. A couple of movie producers got them and before he knew it — many famous men were now taking ProstaGenix – and the website wasn’t even finished yet!

An Academy Award nominee, a retired All-Pro football player, a Grammy winner, various famous businessmen, one Chicago Bear Hall-of-Famer, an Atlanta Braves home run champion, a famous publisher of a magazine every man knows, a national politician who is a frequent guest on the big evening news shows, and even one of Fred’s rock star idols. A host of famous men all ordering over and over again.

Fox News Guy Helps CNN News Guys

Then Fred got a call one day from the manager of television legend Larry King. Larry wanted some ProstaGenix delivered right to his house because he had run out (after his producer friend had given him some to try). Fred was stunned. He didn’t even know that King was a customer. And Larry was the face of CNN. Well, Fred is actually a huge Fox News guy. Like President Trump, he calls CNN “Fake News.” (There are not many conservative Trump supporters like Fred in liberal Beverly Hills.) But in spite of this, Fred felt compelled – – he didn’t want Larry to suffer with prostate issues. So Fred personally drove over to Larry’s gated mansion in Beverly Hills to drop off six bottles of ProstaGenix. He had hoped to meet Larry – but he was out.

About a week later, Larry’s manager called back and said Larry wanted to do a television show on ProstaGenix and all the research and testing Fred had done on ProstaGenix. He wanted other men to know about this life-changing product and the dirty secret Fred had uncovered in his testing. Bingo! ProstaGenix was starting to get some real recognition. It was going national.

Buckley Sits Down With Larry King For TV Interview

The hit half-hour show, called The Larry King Prostate Special Report, was filmed on his set in Pasadena. (You can see it here on this page.) Larry conducted a fascinating interview with Fred (including a funny story about Rodney Dangerfield and his legendary prostate problem.) Larry even asked Corinne to come before the camera and answer some questions on how ProstaGenix had changed her life too.

It was unexpected. Corinne was in tennis shoes and jeans. She wasn’t planning on being on TV. Just there to watch. But Larry brought her on set. She had never been on TV before. In a funny exchange at the end of the interview, live on camera, Corinne reaches out to shake Larry’s hand and says, “So nice to meet you.” But that simple gesture is resonating with people everywhere. It lets people know how authentic the encounter was, and that this is not some canned “spin” from a media professional – just a woman who saw a change in her husband and was thrilled to meet an icon like Larry King.

Corinne Buckley's Video - 4 Million Views

In fact, the short interview with Corinne has become an Internet sensation. It has over 4 million views on YouTube! Many hit songs don’t even get 4 million views. But apparently, men and their wives are interested in hearing a perspective on prostate health no one had ever really considered until Larry’s show– how a man’s prostate troubles affect his wife and their life together. Only Larry would think to ask a woman about prostate health! I guess that’s why he’s one of the best interviewers of all time.

Top Urologist Saw Larry’s Show and You Won’t Believe What He’s Doing Now

Fred was contacted out of the blue by Dr. Dudley Danoff, a urologist in Los Angeles, asking if he could get some bottles of ProstaGenix to give to his patients.

Fred looked him up. Not only is he a urologist – he is perhaps the most famous urologist in America. After going to Princeton and Yale Medical School, Dr. Danoff set up Tower Urology at Cedars Sinai Medical Center right next to Beverly Hills. Dr. Danoff is a Diplomate of the American College of Surgeons. One of only a handful of urologists in America to have such a distinction.

Fred read that Dr. Danoff is known as the urologist-to-the-stars because his patients have included such superstars as Frank Sinatra, Gregory Peck, Ray Charles, Johnny Carson and Johnny Mathis – – to name just a few. Even the King of Thailand flew Dr. Danoff to Thailand when he needed a delicate prostate surgery – – – he is internationally considered the number one urologist. And here he is calling asking for prostate pills from Fred, a guy who couldn’t pass a science class in college if his life depended on it, asking for the prostate pills for his patients.

Dr. Danoff told Fred he himself was taking ProstaGenix after Larry King mentioned it and he was blown away by how well it worked. Dr. Danoff was so impressed with the results that he wanted to give it to all his patients. Fred sent him many bottles and they are now part of the program at Tower Urology. All this because he noticed that his French father-in-law never had to go to the bathroom!

When asked how it feels to be the guy shaping the prostate industry, Buckley said, “Good thing I married a French girl! The whole reason this is even possible is because of my father-in-law Bernard, who is now 88 and still sleeping like a kid every night. He’s the one that explained everything to me.” I was just lucky – in the right place at the right time. That’s all.”

Buckley Refuses To Accept Additional National Awards

Buckley won the prestigious national award, “Health Hero Award” from the National Health Federation, America’s oldest non-profit, health-freedom organization, for his prostate discovery and testing. Quite an honor for a guy who never stepped foot in a medical school and who was known as “Freddy the Faucet.”

Interestingly, he has recently turned down two additional honors saying he doesn’t deserve them, citing this breakthrough as mere luck.

“The NHF award was enough. I don’t have time for any more award ceremonies, my father-in-law is the real hero, not me. Plus, I am too darn busy just trying to keep up with the crazy demand that this has created – it’s nuts,” said Buckley.

Bernard’s wife Michelle says all the success and commotion has unfortunately meant Corinne and Fred might not go to France this summer as Fred is too busy – but he’s getting them tickets to fly to Los Angeles.

Well, it was truly a lucky set of events that has created this amazing product that has been transforming the prostate industry, that has the big companies shaking their heads in disbelief that they missed this.

You can watch Larry’s entire show featuring his sit-down interview with Fred and his short interview with Fred’s wife Corinne.

Note: For more information on Prostagenix click the button below. Or If you are in the Los Angeles area, you can get ProstaGenix at Tower Urology at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Third Street near La Cienega Blvd.


Dr. Dudley Danoff

Dudley Danoff, MD


  • Princeton University, Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude; Society of Sigma XI

Medical School

  • Yale University School of Medicine. Alpha Omega Alpha, Medical Honor Society
yale university

Yale University
School of Medicine

Professional Societies

  • Fellow, American College of Surgeons (FACS) Diplomate – American Board of Urology
  • Society of Air Force Clinical Surgeons
  • Societe Internationale D’Urologie
  • International College of Surgeons
  • Society of Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgery
princeton university

Princeton University

Honors and Awards

  • Phi Beta Kappa, Princeton University
  • Summa Cum Laude, Princeton University
  • Society of Sigma XI, Scientific Honorary Society
  • Judas L. Magnes Medalist, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Alpha Omega Alpha, Medical Honorary Society
  • Anti-Defamation League, Outstanding Achievement and Community Service Award
  • Sheba Medical Center, Israel –Albert Schweitzer Award
  • Israel Cancer Research Foundation (I.C.R.F.) Excellence in Medicine Award, 1998
  • Appointed Urology Surgeon-in-Chief to His Majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej, King of Thailand Endowed Chairs
  • The Dudley Seth Danoff, M.D., Chair in Urologic Research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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