New U-Shaped Electric Toothbrush Flying Off Shelves in United States

We’ll be honest, when we heard about how this device works, we were afraid all these vibrations would be at best uncomfortable or at worst vibrate all our teeth away, so we drew straws, by which I mean we picked one of the junior team members to be the guinea pig.

To our surprise, the test subject not only wasn’t uncomfortable, he was actually enjoying it, leaving it in for a full minute rather than the necessary 30 seconds. We let him take the device home after he promised to use it as recommended so as to have the best test results.

We also required him to use the blue light whitening feature (which requires you to keep it in your mouth for 5 minutes for best results) as he’s one of the more fanatic coffee drinkers in the office.

After two months, the results that we were seeing with each day, were astounding, and we sat him down to pinpoint what the SuperBrush 360 was all about:


Revolutionary 5000 vibrations per minute cleaning with changeable modes for deep cleaning or for sensitive teeth.

Comfortable mouthpiece to fit any mouth.

Super easy and comfortable to use, just put it in your mouth and press a button, hold for 30 seconds.

Deep cleaning helps prevent conditions like gingivitis.

Advanced light therapy for teeth whitening.

Long battery life, one charge is good for up to one month of use.

Saves so much time! Just 30 seconds for clean teeth!

The kicker is, to properly clean your teeth, it is recommended to brush EACH side of EACH individual tooth for 30 seconds(!). Considering we all have 32 teeth, it’s easy to see why almost nobody brushes their teeth well enough to keep them clean, and this is exactly where SuperBrush 360 comes in. It brushes your teeth from all sides at once, for all the teeth at once, thus making your teeth clean in under a minute. Really, how did we only just invent this now?!

Lastly, we reach the price. Top quality dental equipment can’t be cheap, can it? Well it turns out the SuperBrush 360’s original price is a mere 159,90 €. Which considering the fact you don’t need to throw it away every three months like a standard brush, and how much money it saves you on future dental visits, that price itself is amazing. But the company is actually having a launch sale, giving away the device with a 50% discount and free worldwide shipping! (Now just 79 €)

At this point it’s really a no brainer, the hype is real. Dazzle the world with your new brilliant white teeth and still sleep in those extra five minutes!

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